NoWhere is a new premier housing community located in the beautiful forested region just south of Syracuse. Just a short drive from Labrador Mountain, our development combines modern technology and innovation and the elegance of nature.

We value the importance of conserving the natural world and keeping it intact for generations to come. While building our community, we have worked with environmentalists to ensure where and what we are building will not harm the environment. We have also developed conservation projects that we will implement with our residents as soon as we open our doors.

All of our houses and other centers are equipped with the latest technology.

We have different tiers of houses, from apartments to luxury houses, so that anyone can afford to live in the unique experience we’ve created. There are both public and private schools in and around our community to help every child to flourish and succeed.

If you are an admirer of both the urban world and the environment, living in the middle of NoWhere may be right for you.