There is always a plethora of activities taking place all around NoWhere.


There are multiple nature trails that run through the forests surrounding NoWhere. They are perfect for hiking during the warmer months, leading to different ponds and nature look-outs. They give the opportunity for scoping out and seeing new wildlife.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are available on these trails during the long winter, letting people find the beauty in the cold.

All three of these activities can be done alone or on a guided tour (costs vary).



On the outskirts of town, we have built a barn and petting zoo. It includes animals like donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, and cows. There is space in the stables for our residents to house their own horses as well. There are opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer to take care of the animals if they desire.

Next to the barn is a small garden that we are hoping to expand through community help as time goes on. The vegetables and fruits grown will be used in our stores and restaurants.

Our horses are available for horseback riding on the trails in the forest during all seasons.


Every Friday during the summer there is a movie night at our saltwater pool. A movie, picked from community suggestions, is projected onto a large screen. Popcorn, candy, and drinks are complimentary.

During the day, the lifeguards on duty will coordinate different games with the swimmers like Marco Polo and different races which are fun for the whole family.

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The library has different activities going on every day. A list of them can be found here.