Housing Options

We have several housing options in NoWhere, including:

  • Studio Apartments
  • One-Bedroom Apartments
  • Two-Bedroom Apartments
  • Ranch-Style houses (Two bedrooms, one-and-a-half bath)
  • Two-Floor Houses (Three bedrooms, 2 baths)
  • Three-Floor Houses (Five to six bedrooms, 3 baths)

There are two apartment buildings within NoWhere, each containing all three types of apartments.

Most houses on our property are the ranch-style and two-floor houses, with a handful being the three-floor houses. Each house has a front and back yard, a back deck, and a garage.

All of our housing options come fully furnished and with the latest technology, including:

  • WiFi and Internet
  • Television
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Thermostats
  • Cable
  • Computers
  • Washers and Dryers*

& more!

Although they have similar aspects, each and every house and apartment is unique in its own way!

There is also land available for purchase for those who wish to build new homes.

Prices vary for each option. Contact us here for more information.

*In the apartment buildings, the washers and dryers are in a separate room off of the lobby. They are not in the apartments themselves.