Opportunities for Companies

Here in NoWhere, there is definitely an emphasis on nature. However, we do not want to cut off our community from the outside world and what outside businesses have to offer. We also want to increase the number of jobs near our community.

We have an abundance of land surrounding our residential section ready and available for businesses to plant roots. There is an abundance of natural resources that are obtainable for companies to use.

We have a ready and willing workforce already present in our town, filled with young people looking for new job opportunities as well as people with years of experience in many fields. We also have the room to expand and welcome new residents and their families.

We will work with all businesses and companies to ensure our conservation efforts are carried over. Our already established solar power panels and hydroelectric processes will be enlarged to encompass the growing businesses for a low cost, causing greater efficiency.

There are also potential tax credit opportunities for businesses from the community.

We strive to create a friendly and accommodating negotiation experience. We are open to discussing any and all ideas that companies think will benefit our community and/or our natural surroundings.

Contact us here for more information about how to bring your company to NoWhere!